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Headquarters addressDongguan.Guangdong.China

Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of magnetic components, optical modules/optics and power supplies. Founded 2008, Mentech continues to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. The successful 2017 IPO further boosted Mentech’s continuous effort to meet increasing demands for high quality & competitive products from telecommunication industry.

Mentech has committed to R&D in the field of data communication technology and developed 5 main products categories: Magnetic Components, Optical Modules/Optics, Power Supply Systems, Plastic Injection Molding and Metal Stamping Components, which found wide usage in network access, backbone, metro, fiber optic switches, fiber optical transceivers, digital television, optical communication, motherboards, network switches, routers, set-top boxes and network data communications industries.

Mentech has established long-term partnership with a number of well-known telecom device makers, such as Huawei, ZTE, TP-Link, Nokia, Ericsson, Jabil Circuit, H3C, Skyworth Electronics, Foxconn, Samsung etc.  

We are a customer-oriented and quality driven company, striving for customer service excellence. Mentech has multiple locations both domestically and abroad including Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore and CA, USA.

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